Cape Ann Field Hockey Club

Spring Training

Spring Travel Outdoor

Our Travel program is our most comprehensive programming that we offer. This can be a year round commitment, Winter, Spring & Fall. If you are serious about playing in college, this program will help you reach your potential. Learning to compete, train and be relentless on the field is our focus. You will be asked to commit to weekly and 2-day-week training seasons, and local, regional and national tournaments.

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Spring Future Stars Program

Introducing our Futures Stars Program...our refreshed Spring Youth & Academy program for the upcoming season.

Tailored for players spanning 1st grade to high school, Future Stars promises an inclusive experience. Every session is intricately tied to our Future Stars season-long league, ensuring a dynamic and connected approach. Participants will be grouped into compact teams, fostering a sense of camaraderie throughout the season. The emphasis is on refining technical skills, engaging in small games, and, most importantly, enjoying the vibrant spirit of field hockey.

Our goal is to empower young athletes, promoting confidence through regular gameplay while fostering meaningful connections with teammates and coaches.

Each session is structured to include:

  • Body Warm-Up
  • Skill Session
  • Minimum of 45 minutes of Gameplay
    • Assigned Teams
    • League Standings
    • Team Medals & Player Awards
  • Cool Down & Debrief

Who is Cape Ann FHC’s Future Stars for:

  • Players who are NOT involved in our Travel Program
  • Players who ARE already playing in our Travel time conflict
  • Any OTHER player, no club affiliation required!
  • New players to the club who want a less time intensive and more affordable program to keep their game sharp!
  • Any and All experience welcomed!
  • Players will also have the option to sign up for TWO local 7v7 tournaments May 18th and June 15th.

Players can register directly into our Future Stars program or if you are not selected for our Travel program you will be automatically placed here to continue your development until you are ready for a higher level.


Goal Keeping Academy

Event Description

Cape Ann FHC is committed to providing our region with the best training for goal keepers. Without GK’s there is not team. We provide a goal keeping specific coach and session to each one of our GK’s inside of our Youth and Academy programs. Our goal is to develop the foundation needed for these GK’s to eventually work into our Travel program, so they can continue their development further!

New to Goal Keeping?

Please look to join our Future Stars program (above) to learn how to play GK. We do own a couple of sets of loaner gear, but you need to contact Chris at to discuss using them! 

Already a Goal Keeper but want a bit more training?

We encourage GK's with some experience to try out for our Travel program 1st, and if you aren't selected, you would be placed into our Future Stars program! (see above)